Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank You Mom

It has been 24 years of your motherhood.
Yet for me you're still the best woman in the neighborhood.
You endured being a mom all by yourself.
You have to sacrifice everything just to come to my help.
You have to work hard just to supply me with all
from childhood to even today that I'm old.
But for this special day, it's time to let me run my mouth.
This spoken word for you I will declare from north to south.
Just wanna say thanks for waking up even at night
just to meet our needs with all your might.
Despite the hardships and trials, you still look upon the Lord.
Now, I'm praising you for doing everything even if your body is sore.
With this simple yet beautiful poem, I am honoring you.
I really do hope you like it too.
Just like everyone, I call you blessed.
I'm gonna shout it out from east to west.
Thank you, mom, for being a part of my life.
"Happy Mothers' Day!" That's my greeting with all hype.

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