Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Take on the LRT 2 Station Incident

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It all started at an altercation at the LRT 2 station along Marcos Highway in Pasig City. A 23-year old girl named Paula Salvosa argued with a security guard about a certain incident not caught on cam by Gregory Llamoso, who posted the video on Facebook. It was being spread throughout FB, Twitter, and various websites.
Paula Salvosa
The altercation between a 23 year-old
ex-student DJ and a security guard at
a train station sparked an online out-
As of this writing, the hashtag #AmALayer (how the viewers heard Salvosa pronounce "I'm a liar.") is trending worldwide. Social media people also expressed their two coins on the event. Some praised the lady guard for staying put despite Salvosa's outrage. Some bashed Salvosa for what she did. And some more just trolled Paula. As a result, Paula Salvosa deactivated her Facebook account (although her Twitter account is still active as of today).

Here are my two (actually three) coins on the event. For the guard, I salute you for keeping your temper from flaring up after what happened. Your ability to settle the issue in such a manner that you will end your conflict with Salvosa peacefully is worth praising. Hats off to you, ma'am!

To Paula, I don't know why you had that heated argument with the security personnel, but I just want to say that you need not to be hysterical to air your side. I found out that you were an intern at a radio station and also auditioned as a VJ for Myx. Those facts alone assure me that you're girl enough to handle errands professionally. Like what Bob Guerrero told me when I got reprieved for grabbing his picture in my article about Pachanga without formal permission, you need to be more cautious next time. Still, cheer up! I know God has a reason why you're now on the social media limelight (although in a negative manner). I believe God is telling you that you need to fix some things in your life. I'm not gonna bash or troll you for what you did. All I can say is stay positive. Good thing you apologized to everyone for what you did. Also, here's God's Word for you (thanks to fellow blogger Shekinah Armenta via her sister Aileen for this; I'm also moved here) "In the same way, you who are younger, submit yourselves to your elders. All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, 'God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.'" (1 Peter 5:5 NIV)

Now, to the thousands of people who condemn (for the lack of more appropriate terms) her for what she did, let me ask, "Are you sure you will not do the same thing Paula did if you got into a similar case?" Well, after watching the video, you will pick up something, so let me rephrase that, "Will you not shout at the security guard if both of you have a disagreement if Gregory did not post the video online or if you were Paula herself?" I remember one time during high school that we were playing a Bible drill game at a certain youth fellowship. Out of frustration after failing to answer a question, I slammed the Bible (I really did that). The pastor, during the preaching time, told the attendees, "You may not slam the Bible here, but maybe you're doing it at home." It goes the same in the case of Salvosa. I know some of you cursed at someone in authority before. I admit to that. About the "Am a lier", you made fun at how she uttered "I'm a liar" as if you "deed dent lie a tall". I lie, you lie, all of us lie. As often as we mispronounce some words like how you understood Paula's pronunciation, we also make false alibis if we do something wrong, and I attest to that. Man up, people! I admit I could do the same if I was on Salvosa's shoes. Good thing God is in my life, and He will pacify me if frustrations come in the way. He's the coolest of the cool heads who will prevail in verbal tussles.

To sum this very long article up, we commit the same sins as Paula Salvosa's. Before we bash someone for his wrongdoings, reflect on yourselves first. Just like how Jesus challenged the leaders in John 8 when they're about to render a judgment on the woman, let's ask ourselves, "Is it worthy to bully him online?" before bashing someone for his mistakes. Remember, it is only Christ who can judge us, and He has forgiven us for our sins. All we need is to surrender our lives and our frustrations to Him, and He will give us rest.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Things You Don't Know About Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi

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Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi
I was invited to a bloc screening of the indie movie "Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi" at the Ever Cinema along Recto Ave. in Manila City. Shot entirely in Puerto Princesa City, the movie was a brainchild of renowned "Ploning" director Dante Garcia. I never thought there's a story inside the story until Direk Ga pointed them out.

It all began when Direk Ga, a devout Christian, was invited by a church to teach a group of young people in Puerto about basic filmmaking for two years. He asked this question to them, "If you are given permission to steal something from someone else, what would it be?" It was when he got the answers of his students that he began conceptualizing MAMG. Direk Ga struggled in finding those who will help him in the production. He got a breakthrough when AKTV commentator Erika Padilla offered her help. Soon after, the people began to come.

A little spoiler (if you have not watched the movie yet, read at your own risk): The setting was at various places in Puerto, from a bar to as far as a forested area during the Halloween season. The bar owner (Angelica Panganiban) dared everyone to steal something to be offered to the dead, something being done in the Filipino tradition pangangaluwa. As the teams went off, their individual stories were revealed. Believe it or not, the objects that were targeted to bring back were some, if not all, of the answers of Dierk Ga's students. In the end, no one was able to return to the bar to give their loots

One of the common critiques of the social media people is the curiosity of not giving each character a name. When Direk Ga stood up to give the synopsis, I found out that each character represents each of us or at least a facet of our life. From the bar owner's ex-boyfriend (Rocco Nacino) trying to court her again to the band's lead vocalist (Karel Marquez-Oops! I thought she was Erika Padilla there haha), a Christian, who weirdly teamed up with a gay waiter (Dominic Roco), they represent a sector in the community. It's like "If you're him/her, what will you do?"

Speaking of Karel, she's the carrier of the film storywise. Maybe the Kean Cipriano-Cherie Gil kissing scene is the carrier (and the most awkward moment) of the film, but if you look to the plot, Marquez's dialogues are the words you should hear to clarify things up. Many think the development of the film is so messed up and that the plot is so vague, but, believe it or not, it's actually sharing the Gospel in a comedic manner. Karel's sharing of God's Word is the real point of the movie. The vagueness of the plot represents our current state. We are directionless. Our lives are completely messed up. But if you put your faith in God, everything will be cleared up.

If not for the screening, I would not find out that Glaiza De Castro and brother Alchris Galura are followers of God. Their willingness to do their part in doing the movie to serve the Lord was more than enough to give my applause to them (That might silence you, new Glaiza haters because of Temptation of Wife hehe).

As of writing, I read from the Philippine Star that the movie is not performing well, earnings-wise, but I believe God will give each cast member and creative team member a greater reward in Heaven for this one. In the end, MAMG is a motion picture illustration of Romans 6:23--For the wages of sin (the reason why our life is vague and without a clear picture) is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus. I was moved by the movie. I may have been a Christian for over a decade now, but there are still unclear parts in my life. But I know the Lord will clear things up for me if I follow His directions. If you want to watch the film, you can drop by at SM Cinemas near you. Let's give it a Kamown!

PS: Oh! If you feel awkward about the film, this is just Part 1 of Dante Garcia's "The Hashtag Movie" franchise, so expect more fun-filled movies to come. In fact, he's about to start doing the errands for the production of the second "hashtag movie".