Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Should a Son of God Do?

Now that you experienced freedom through Jesus Christ, what should we do
to fully optimize that freedom?
One time, I read a tweet from my comedian/blogger friend Stanley Chi. I presumed he is now working on the third installment of his Suplado Tips book series. Here's what a suplado (someone who snubs often) should shout out according to him, "I'm a son of God! I can do whatever I want!" We all know that he's a comedian, but instead of laughing too much (it made me laugh in a way), I began to wonder, "Can I really do whatever I want as a Christian?" Then I remembered what Jesus Christ said in John 8:11b, "Go now and LEAVE your life of sin."

The highlighted word is not spelled L-I-V-E. It's L-E-A-V-E. To leave means to depart, to go away, and to stay away. It's very clear that the Lord wants us to step out of our old lives and live according to what we are now in Christ: new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17). So how can we maximize the freedom Jesus gave to us?

There are so many ways so that we can fully optimize the gift God gave us through His Son. First, buy a Bible and read it. The Bible is our guide on living according to how the Lord wants us to live. You can also find there how Jesus took the punishment we deserved for our sins and brought all of our sins to the cross. Prayer is also a powerful tool in our relationship with Him. Because we are now children of God, we can ask whatever we need and even want, and be assured that He is willing to give them at the proper time. If He says no, however, be assured that He has another plan for you, so keep in faith. The best way to have a good communication with God is to allot a certain time of the day (and place if you want) when you can seek God and listen to what He wants to say.

But of course you can't do it all alone. Along the way, you will encounter trials, questions, and schemes Satan, our sworn enemy, will do. We need the help of fellow believers of God. The best way to do so is to join a cell group (in our church, we call it a Victory group). There, you can share what you learned, how to apply it, ask questions, and encourage one another if there are concerns. I'm happy to be part of one.

Simply put, don't shout "I'm a son of God, and I can do whatever I want!" But shout "I'm a son of God, and I will do whatever He wants!" He wants us to have a constant communication with Him and fellowship with other believers. Do what is according to His will, and He will meet us at our faith.

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