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Ask Stu: Where to Side?

What will you do if symposium organizers clash over money matters? IACMR
I decided to take full advantage of my Ask.FM account. Thus, I present to you "Ask Stu". Here, I'm gonna answer your questions pertaining sports, travel, and also personal problems. Just go to my Ask.FM account already linked above and place your questions. I'm gonna answer your question through a blog post based on the category of your question (e.g. a sports-related question from you will be replied with a Newbie Gaming post on Sporty Guy). In fact, let's answer one. I got this from a good friend that wants to be called "Torn Writer" for privacy and sensitivity of the issue. Here's what he said:

"Dude, I have a problem. I have two friends who are in a rift. Friend 1 organized a symposium elsewhere, and formed a team. I got included in the organizing team, and he also invited Friend 2, who he met just recently. So the plans were set, and Friend 1 tasked Friend 2 and the rest of us to strike sponsorship deals for the talk. Friend 2, for me, is arguably the most active negotiator I met, and he was able to bring in major companies to support the talk. The symposium became a success, and it's time for the post-event report. However, Friend 1 found out that the total budget collected still lacked a certain amount, so he called one of the companies Friend 2 lured to the talk. F1 found out from a company representative that F2 has the money, and F1 got furious because F2 never handed him the cash and even some items to be given to the talk as token of appreciation for attending the symposium. F1 asked F2 to hand it ASAP. F2 responded and said that he mistakenly lent the money to another friend, who he said is also part of the team, and he promised to pay it. Few days have passed, but no money changed hands. There, tempers flared. F1 began calling F2 a robber. F2 replied and called F1 greedy. The tirades continued. Their friends have already sided with either of them. Then, F1 finally had enough and is set to bring the matter to the court. I want them to at least have a peaceful agreement if not fully reconcile, but it looks like this has gotten out of hand. What should I do?"

My two co... Oh wait! Money is involved here, so let me rephrase it. My take on this:

To Torn Writer, it's pretty hard that two of your friends are setting up a trial against each other. It's also hard to side with one of them especially if you're not aware of the real story. Even if you know about it, I'm sure you're now sad and even crying because siding with one will hurt the other. So here's what I got from my mom: stay away from it. I'm not saying you should forget about the issue. What I'm saying is that if you don't know what really happened (or decipher which is true), then don't side with one of them. Stay neutral. It doesn't mean that you are betraying both of them, but rather it's your way of saying that you want to finish the issue in a peaceful manner, even if it will not lead to them rekindling their friendship. Reconciliation will follow, so fear not. The Lord is the Ultimate Peacemaker. He knows the real truth, and let Him judge them (and us too). But through His grace and mercy, He will make rifts end without a sweat and make enemies friends. In the end, I'm gonna remind you with two Scriptures listed below.

Now, to F1 and F2, you need not to take this issue into legal matters. There's still time for you to settle this peacefully. Swallow your pride. To F1, just give him the cash. To F2, prove that you and your pals are no greedy and use the money for the good and not for yourself. Read the verses below for an enlightenment from God.

John 8:32-"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

1 Timothy 6:10a-"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."

I stand in faith with you that everything will be settled. I'm done. I'm out. -Stu

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