Monday, October 8, 2012

A Hardcore Editorial

The Palawenian
As a news writer, I always make a point to
make my article impartial.
I was the sports editor of our high school paper and is now the current sports editor for an emerging online news site, so I always get a glimpse of the editorials my EIC's (shoutouts to JB, Aya, and Carlo) write, but I've never seen such an editorial as this. The Varsitarian, UST's official school paper, posted the editorial for its new issue on its website, and all who read it, even the Thomasians, are like, "Whoa!"

The article calls the attention of the professors and students of Ateneo and De La Salle who express their support for the Reproductive Health Bill. In a shocking manner, the editorial called them "lemons and cowards". While the editorial says UST still supports the call of the bishops to repeal the bill, I never thought that the article writer (although it's the EIC who usually posts editorials, I don't think it's the EIC who posted it) would inflict a direct hit to the Ateneans and La Sallians. He even calls the Thomasian profs who are also supporting the RH Bill to resign if they continue to do so.

The editorial was obviously not made to get back to Ateneo after spotty officiating cost UST the UAAP Finals Game 1 win (the editorial was made before September 30, when the latest issue was made available), but saying that Ateneo and La Salle have lost their minds is more painful than Coach Pido Jarencio crying foul for what happened in Game 1. I am supporting the RH Bill, but I will never ever throw a sucker punch to the anti-RH people online. Each of us has a reason why we support the bill or want it dropped, and we respect each other. Even Coach Pido will not go beyond basketball about what he thought is "too much Ateneo-favored" officiating and blast Ateneo for letting its community speak in favor of the bill.

Now I understand what my homie Alex Castro posted regarding freedom in his own blog. According to the article, allowing our feelings to take over the internet doesn't mean we're free. Now, social media goes abuzz about the Varsitarian editorial. You may be free to post everything, but get ready if people don't like what you posted.

All I can say is that it's OK to post your sentiment regarding an issue, but we should also respect the people in our surroundings. Jesus Christ even told us to love them as ourselves (Matthew 22:39). If you're about to post something similar to this, and you still don't know how to do it in such a manner that you will respect your Thomasian and your friends who are opposite your stand in RH Bill, seek God. In fact, you should seek Him first, and everything will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

I may be from UP, but I have Thomasian, Atenean, and La Sallian friends, and I know this article could test their friendship. I hope that the friendship of the Thomasians, Ateneans, and the La Sallians will not be hampered by this hardcore editorial.


  1. Very well said, mister. :) I hope Varsitarian will do something about the said article.

  2. Yes. Sobrang wild lang ng editorial staff nila at ang tapang na-ipost yun. Kahit yung Thomasian friend ko na-high blood. :(

    -Weng from UP

    1. Ika nga ni Snap dun sa blog post niya, it's so nakakalurki. Andami na ngang Thomasians, whether pro or anti-RH, ang naasar eh. Well, we'll take it for the meantime.