Friday, October 19, 2012

What I Learned from Tito Jim

Just today, I heard rumors around my crib that there was a jeepney accident that happened last night. I reside at a stone throw distance from the place of the accident, so I presume it was true. Little did I know a good friend died there.

Perhaps I am among the last to find out that one of my churchmate and good friend, Jimmy Galang, aka Tito Jim, had a heart attack leading to the accident last night. He was rushed to the hospital, but he passed away there. When I read Kuya Jon's (one of my pastors here) status update posted just before 2:00 AM (and it was before 6:00 PM when I read it) as suggested by another churchmate, I got stunned, got chills, and totally forgot I am watching Calvin Abueva's celebrated PBA debut! What has just happened?

I will totally miss him a lot. His life is already a lesson to me. I will not tell the full details of his life, but I'm telling you that you would not gonna believe me in saying that he had a very miserable life prior to knowing God first. Many would say, "Nah! He will not change." But no, his life changed when he gave up his life to Christ. Because of his passion and the new life, he became active in the ministry. He helped in starting an outreach program for the poor and needy every Saturday which continues until today despite him not being able to come frequently because of health matters. He was also an usher during the mid-morning services and befriended almost everyone in the church.

I agree with what Pastor Dennis Sy said, that we should make 1 Timothy 1:15 as our status update. It was exactly his story. He may be among the worst of sinners, but when Jesus Christ came to his life, everything changed. His sins are now forgiven. He is now a son of God. He is a brand-new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). He is not just a churchmate and friend, he is a role model to me. If he was changed, so am I. His death may be untimely, but God reminded us through this event that everything will be fine. Tito Jim is now with the Lord. Thanks for the memories. See you up there. As this song goes, even if the bad news come, let's hold on to God.

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