Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Remember the Reason for Valentine's

A relationship should be Christ-centered, and they should love Him more than
they love each other.
I read this book by Stanley Chi entitled "Pogi Points", and I skimmed to this part about scoring some pogi points at the girl you're courting while at church. Being a comedian, we should find Chi's tips funny. However, for those who will follow his tips, I'm gonna add one more thing.

For boys, if you're sincere in trying to win her heart, it's OK if you escort her to church, attend their cell groups, and even join her ministries, but ask yourself this: "Am I gonna glorify God here?" In a relationship, whether it's friendship, dating, or marriage, everyone should make sure that it's a God-centered one. If you're courting her but you're not putting Him at the center of your relationship, reconsider first. Ask the Lord if He chooses her for you.

For girls, ask the Lord for a revelation about his intents. Make Him be your decision-maker before saying that word called "yes". If he's not yet saved but is serious on courting you, have the initiative to introduce him to Jesus Christ. Also, help him grow in his relationship to Him.

This season of love, let's remember the true reason why we love: Because God "loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. (1 John 4:10b)" So we should show our love to each other the same way God does.

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