Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Night With Iktus

MCA Universal filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord... (Ephesians 5:18-19 NIV)

There's a new Christian band out. Its name is Iktus. The name of the band is a wordplay from the Greek term ichthys, which literally means fish and is a symbol representing Jesus Christ. The group of Andrew, CJ, and Andrei Paniligan and Augusto Mendoza (2nd from the right in the photo above), is more into alternative music. The band started during their high school days at the Christian School International in Los BaƱos in 2005, and now, nine years later, Iktus, fresh from winning the Sun Broadband Quest, is out with its self-titled first album featuring the carrier single "IMY". I got a chance to chat with them.

Me: Who are your inspirations in your music?
Iktus: Internationally, we're inspired by Switchfoot (Iktus' style of play is similar to Switchfoot's), Hillsong United, Planetshakers, and Flyleaf. Among the local bands, our inspirations are Eraserheads and Sugarfree. But despite listening to their songs, we decided to stick to our own style, because we already sold our soul to Jesus Christ.
Me: Aside from your gigs, where do we usually see you?
Iktus: At our church in Calamba City. We're also part of the music ministry there.
Me: Why did you join the Sun Broadband Quest?
Iktus: We want to have a bigger audience, so that more will hear how God loves them.

It's a rare experience to meet a local Christian band here, but I hope Iktus will make it big and spread God's love to everyone. By the way, Iktus' album is now available via CD's at Astroplus and Odyssey outlets, mobile streaming via, and via digital downloads on ITunes.

PS: As of press time, Iktus is performing at a fund-raising gig featuring Sugarfree's frontman Ebe Dancel at IC's Bar back in LB.

PS Again (Inserting my Sporty Guy-ness here): I don't usually tend to remember names of my teammates during pick-up basketball games at the Baker Hall ballpark, but I found out that Andrei, who answered most of my questions, was one of my teammates in some games there.

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