Monday, April 14, 2014

A Great Start to the Holy Week

Last year, I found out that Christian band Jars of Clay performed for free at the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater in a special Easter Sunday mini-concert. I missed it, so I really made sure that I'm not gonna miss its repeat performance this year. I went to the High Street, and the mini-concert is not just what I saw.

The mini-concert was actually part of Church Simplified's Holy Week project in which the group put up its own Stations of the Cross along the High Street walkway. Each booth, or station, has a Scripture, some insights, and an act written on it. The first stations will ask you to write your problems, frustrations, and mistakes you made on a red paper strip that you will "crucify" in the ninth station, symbolizing that Christ, through His sacrifice on the cross, has made you free from those.

There's another booth in which you will pray for the person or persons that helped you in your walk with God and another in which you will draw a prayer request written by someone who was there before you in a bowl and pray for it. To give others an opportunity to pray for you, you can write your own prayer request and place it inside the bowl. You can opt to write anonymously, just like the writer of the prayer request I drew.
At the last station (you are not required to visit all the 14 stations but it would be fun if you will), you will partake the Lord's Supper, a way of celebrating the victory of Jesus over our sins and the devil through the cross. Across the street was the mini-concert. I came just in time to watch the opening performance by Julianne. At the end of her performance, she and her band sang her latest composition "Ikaw Lang". Up next is American Christian singer Michael Gungor. His wife Lisa was supposed to join him and the band in Taguig but was discouraged by the doctor as she is pregnant. Still, I got mesmerized with the band's style of play. Michael even played the banjo in one of his songs. Then came Jars of Clay, and we got to our feet in worshiping God when the band played "I Want to Fall in Love with You".

It was a happy Palm Sunday for me as the worship concert made my night. Also, I was reminded of God's love for me through the interactive Stations of the Cross by the Walkway. I hope you can drop by there. The Church Simplified Stations of the Cross will be there until Sunday.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 NKJV

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