Friday, August 3, 2012

Some UPCAT Tips

To become a UP student, you need to jot down these tips.
With the University of the Philippines College Admission Test Weekend approaching, I want to share you some tips on how to survive the biggest college entrance exam in the Philippines.

1. Don't get nervous right on your exam-Think positive as if the UPCAT is easy. Actually, without any arrogance, the UPCAT is not as hard as you think.

2. Take your time-A style in answering the questions is that you answer the easier questions first before taking on the harder ones. Although the UPCAT is relatively easy (without boasting), time is gold there, so you need to use the allotted time for the part properly.

3. Write your essay neatly and in an organized manner-The new feature in the UPCAT starting tomorrow is an essay part. While I don't have an idea of how the essay part works, all I can say is that make your essays as precise, informative, simply, neat and organized.

4. The most important thing, pray-Prayer works. Ask the Lord for His guidance and to give you wisdom come the exam.

5. Be strong and courageous-The main point of this post. The results will come as early as late January or more likely by February. While waiting for the result, you must stay strong and courageous. If you think you'll gonna fail, drag that off your mind. God told Joshua to take away the fears of failing to lead his countrymen to the promised land. The Lord told him to be a strong leader. God told Joshua to continually meditate on the Bible, so that he will prosper and succeed. Read Joshua 1 for a deeper understanding.

For the UPCAT takers, don't forget to lean on the Lord. Read, understand, and internalize His Words, and I'm sure you will get that breakthrough of becoming the student of a premier educational institution in Asia.

For those who took the UPCAT, feel free to post your tips on how to survive the test on the comments.


  1. hmmm... this is great tips...can you also post an NVAT?

    1. I'm not a veterinarian. Not even a veterinary school student, but these also apply to the exam takers of the NVAT. Thanks for the compliments. I appreciate that.

  2. yeah, i was always stressed out during final exams when i was at college. i was always studying and didnt get much sleep. i dont know how much cups of coffee i drank per day, but sometimes that was my main meal, or at least the only meal i had time for. but i survived to tell about it.

  3. Great tips Ivan! By the way, do you recommend MSA as a review center?