Monday, August 27, 2012

An Instrument of Change

Me (L) with my fellow journalists/bloggers (Sorry! Still don't have a cam)
I decided to take my sportswriting talents to my hometown and teach 4th-6th graders about some things they should know about sportswriting. Turned out, it was God's way of delivering to me what He wanted me to hear from Him. That's exactly what I heard from the pastor at Victory Quezon City who preached when I and two of my students came there.

God wanted me to become a modern-day Nehemiah--an instrument of change. He wanted to start making an impact in the nation's change through what I am today. I may be just a student, a mathematician, a blogger, and a budding online sportswriter, but the Lord wants me to use my current me to bring change. If God used Nehemiah, a mere cupbearer, to reform Jerusalem to what it is today, so is His plan for me.

I also got touched by a story of a town in Venezuela, where crimes, violence, and everything you don't wanna hear are rampant. All it took were prayers from the Christians there. Now, 80% of the people there worship God. Most night pubs were closed, and the bad guys became the role models. God continued to bring blessings to that town to this date.

I realized how God can use me despite my dark past. He has already forgiven me, and is now using me as a tool for change.

For more, read Nehemiah 1. Better yet, read the whole book of Nehemiah.

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