Monday, September 3, 2012

Reality Check

Jesus' ministry
Think about this: Are you ministering through your daily chores like Jesus did?
Just when I thought I was doing fine in blogging, a message from God through the pastor of a budding church came. He read us Matthew 4:23, and he let us make our reflection to the verse. I was definitely shaken up.

After their cell group meeting (or since there's worship time, I'll call it a mini-worship service), I was moved by God's Word. I realized that I may have just used blogging (whether on my sports blog or here) for my own happiness when in reality I'm doing this for the glory of God.

Just as Jesus taught in the synagogues, preached the Gospel, and did miraculous work, we Christians, whether bloggers or not, should do the same too. We need to teach the life principles we learned through Him. We need to tell them of God's love as well. We should also make an impact in their lives even if we don't have the miraculous power of Christ. Seeing our friends knowing God is already a miracle, and all the other miracles they will claim will follow.

So before you embark on another life journey, reflect whether it will glorify the Lord or not.

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