Saturday, April 27, 2013

Page 117 of 365: Another Reason to Read Your Bibles

Noah's Ark is still lying on Mt. Ararat!
The Bible is one tool we Christians turn to in times we get into scenarios which could put our faith to the test. It indeed helps us in our walk with God because everything it says is true. In John 16:33, the Lord Jesus Christ tells us that we will engage in troubles, but also  He tells us that He already overcame it. He did that by taking our troubles along with our sin to the cross.

But the following video you're about to see will make you say, "Hey! The Bible is indeed for real!" In Genesis 8:4, it says that the Noah's Ark, after the Great Flood ended, rested for good on Mt. Ararat in what is now the country Turkey. In 2010, an expedition went to Ararat and saw this.
Read Genesis 6-9 for more.

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