Monday, April 29, 2013

Page 119 of 365: What Not to Look For in a Leader

Sometimes, to know who to vote, we tend to know who not to vote. Here are
some things an aspirant should not be. Philippine Star
Inspired by a blog post and the preaching last night, I made this article that may act as a guide for the coming May 13 election. Yes, you're reading the headline right. What makes a true leader different than the rest is that while all of us have leadership skills (believe it or not, you are a leader), he uses his leadership skills rightfully. But it also means some use their skills in a wrong manner. Here are some things you should NOT look for in a leader.

1. Selfishness

To be a leader means you are ready to give up everything for the sake of service. The sad reality is that most, if not all, of us don't like the idea of sacrificing something. My pursuit of covering the Palarong Pambansa was something I still held on to till the time the chosen media trooped to Dumaguete. When God told me to give it up, it was very difficult. He taught me not to be selfish and just think about Him. He also reminded that there is a more important thing than the Palaro. Curiously, giving up something can also be an act of selfishness. As exemplified above, sacrificing is giving up something important for another of a bigger importance. Sometimes, we agree to give up something because we look at the benefits. Being too focused on the prize is also selfishness. A leader should not be selfish, but selfless. Selflessness is exemplified through sacrificing for the right purpose. One example is of Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games". She did not want her younger sister to get killed at an early age, so she took her place by volunteering to battle, knowing that she herself might get killed. Katniss sacrificed her life for Prim's life. By the way, it so happened that I was watching the movie on Star Movies and on the internet while finishing this. The best example, however, is of Christ (look at the Scripture below). If the Lord tells you to give it up, give it up. No ifs; no buts. Also, look to Him, not to the benefits.

2. No Direction

I ran thrice in my high school's student council elections, and my record is a staggering 0-3! The Lord revealed to me why, "OK. You're elected. You win. What's next?" A true leader should have a direction in life. Just like what a friend's blog post says (and I hate to admit it), each of us commits corruption of a certain kind. Just like in his example, if you exchange your vital vote for a certain amount or you elect him just because he's a homie, then you're corrupt (we'll get to the homie part later). Adding to those, we can also commit corruption. If you just want to get voted only to get some bragging rights, that's corruption (I'm guilty). The sad reality, many politicians just want to get the titles president, governor, mayor, councilman, etc., but would only use that for their own benefits. When asked about a change of jersey numbers during her team's volleyball match, former Ateneo Lady Eagle Fille Cainglet answered, "It's just for fun." I attest: that's the same answer I would say if I was asked why I wanted to be elected to the student council. Hopefully, that's not the reason the politicians have in mind on why they want to be elected. If you want to get an electoral spot, you should have a direction you want your area of jurisdiction to take ready too. I'm not saying that you should not vote for your homie, whether he's a friend or a family member. Being a friend or a close family member of a certain aspirant means you know him a lot. But I'm telling you that if he has no clear reason why he should be elected, better tell him, "It's not too late to back out."

3. Not Putting Jesus at the Center

I mentioned earlier that we are in a way corrupt. That's because we commit sin. Romans 3:23 gives you a clear answer on who among us are corrupt... ALL OF US! But Jesus Christ did the ultimate sacrifice. He died on the cross, and along with Him are our sins. Because of Him, we can now connect to God. Jesus is the perfect Leader because He is selfless. He sacrificed Himself just to save us from the bondage of sin. My challenge to the electoral candidates is that they should be like Christ, being selfless. However, I know they, in fact we, can't be Christlike by our own. We need Jesus to be our Master so that we can gain an attitude like His. One way to be Christlike is by putting the Lord at our center. Yes, He should not be last but also not the first. The Lord should be at the center of our lives. Meaning, He should have a sight of the things we do and make Him lead the way. We should let the Lord take control. My hope is that the politicians should have Christ at the center of their governance.

PS: The politicians will not tell us that they're selfish, directionless, and not looking at God's example. In the end, it's still your call. Talk to God on who to elect. Look at their credentials too, and ask yourself, "What do I want for my country?"

Read Philippians 2:3-11 to see the example of Christ.


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