Monday, January 14, 2013

Page 12 of 365: Will They Really Come?

For the past week, we prayed, fasted, and believed for our breakthroughs to come this year, but there will come a time that we begin to ask questions like "Why are they taking too long, Lord?" We all claim the promise that God will supply us all our needs (Philippians 4:19), but still, we ponder if they will come.

God will answer all of our prayer requests this year, but they could not come in the form of yeses. Here are the possible answers:

1. No-The Lord can veto our prayer requests. The best reason is that it's not according to His will. Yes, He's willing to answer our prayers, but check out the root word: will. Meaning, it's His will that prevails. He says no to our prayer because either you're not yet ready to do it (you need to continually grow in the faith) or He has a better plan (His plans are ALWAYS better than ours).

2. Wait-The Lord can also train our patience by putting our blessings on hold for a while. More likely, God is saying, "Yes! I will give to you your provisions, but it's not yet the right time." He's telling us to persevere more.

3. Yes-And of course our favorite answer. If it's according to His will and timing, they will come.

To sum it up, if your prayers are in line with God's plans and time, expect the Lord to give them to you. For the meantime, continue seeking Him.

Read Matthew 21:23-46 and Genesis 3:1-6

PS: To inspire you more to believe God for your breakthroughs, here are some of the prayers answered during the prayer and fasting week: Stories from the 2013 Prayer and Fasting

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