Saturday, January 26, 2013

Page 26 of 365: Small Things Can be Bigger Than You Think

No matter how small the seedlings we sow, we will reap great harvest from it.
-Our Daily Journey
During the time that my church here was about to start the first phase of its building expansion project, I thought, "They need a huge sum for this." But thank God that the expanded main hall was finished. How? Despite situated in an area where the source of income of most of its constituents is their allowance, many were touched by the Lord to give to the project.

As what I heard from a preaching a few months back, no matter how small your offering is, it's generosity. Even if it's a million or just two cents, like the case of the poor widow in Mark 12:41-43 and Luke 21:1-3, as long as you give it to the church, God will be pleased. I believe God is touching me after reading Haggai 1:1-10, that I, a Sunday School alumnus, should help in improving our Sunday School, one of the focuses of the second phase of the church expansion project. Here's my answer to Jesus Christ: I'm in!

Also read Exodus 35:4-29

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