Saturday, January 19, 2013

Page 19 of 365: Flashback

A simple play in ultimate made me recall my past near-death experiences.
One time, at a game of ultimate (i.e. Frisbee), I collided with my teammate while trying to steal the disc from the opposing side. While he hurt his right arm, I had a more painful "knockout". Aside from hurting my rib cage and left pectoralis, I didn't feel my heart beating for a couple of seconds. And it was like, "Wow! Am I going to die?" Well, I survived, went on to finish the game, and doing this article right now.

All of a sudden, my two near-death experiences flashed back. "Is this the real feeling of dying?" I thought. It's almost eight years already, but I remember what I posted in 2011, when TLIMC was still part of my sports blog. Having my third life is in itself a miracle from God, so I have to cherish this one.

You see, our lives in itself is a miracle from the Lord. God gave us life so that we could experience His majesty here on earth while He prepares our permanent home in heaven. It was through the miraculous hands of the Lord that we see injuries healed, lives restored, etc. Let's thank Him for what He has done and what He is about to be done.

Read Daniel 4 and Genesis 50:20.

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