Friday, January 4, 2013

Page 4 of 365: #AmASinner

Tower of Babel
Like how the Lord did not allow the Tower of Babel to be completed, He does
not want us to assert our own will over His.
I have been a Christian for more than a decade now, but the devotional I read today in Our Daily Journey rebuked me a lot. God reminded me that there are times in which I disobey Him, especially when I ignored His plans and go on my own. Every time I think I made something wrong, the barrenness comes. It's as if God is way too far from me. But just like how God spared Noah and his family from the Great Flood, He loves me so much that He never cursed me for my wrongdoings. He even made the way Himself to cleanse the evil inclinations in my heart when He Himself came down to earth to take the form of a human to be crucified. In fact, God is just awaiting for us to repent from our sins. Once we humble ourselves to the Lord, He will take over from there.

My challenge is that I will ask the same question Winn Collier asked me, "In what areas of your life are you tempted to be disobedient to God? How do you see barrenness resulting from your disobedience?"

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